Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dead Island Blueprint Locations

Get out the duct tape, it’s time to craft up some special tools to deal with your little zombie problem. In Dead Island, like Dead Rising 2 before it, use crafting tables to build unique weapons specially made to help smash and slash the hordes of the undead. Unlike Dead Rising 2, experimentation won’t help you here, instead you’ll need partially hidden blueprints to construct special weapons — kind of like Fallout 3! Enough with the game comparisons, the disciples of Macgyver here at Game Front are here to provide a full list of locations where to find each of the special blueprints.
Scroll down for our list, but if you’re looking for help through the actual game, check out our walkthrough. For even more extra content on Dead Island, check out the cheats page.
This list is incomplete! Check back for updates as we discover more.
Blueprint Locations
    Shock Mod: Act 1 – Complete “Black Hawk Down” quest.Nail’D Mod: Act 1 – Complete “Passport to Life” quest. Torch Mod: Act 1 – Complete “Counsel of Despair” quest. Nuts and Bolts Mod: Act 1 – Complete “Toy Story” quest. Molotov: Act 1 – During “Born to be Wild” quest, found in the Parking Lot. Deo-Bomb: Act 1 – Complete “Tell me Where it Hurts” quest. Heavy Mod: Act 1 – Complete “Two Hearts” quest. Toxic Mod: Act 2 – During “Sacred Silence” quest, found on Helen’s desk. Paralyzing Strike Mod: Act 2 – Complete “Picture of Bliss” quest. High Voltage Mod: Act 2 – During “Drowned Hope” quest, found near a workbench in the Pump Station. Impact Mod: Act 2 – Complete “Last Chance on the Wall” quest. Piranha Mod: Act 2 – Complete “Third Head of Cerberus” quest. Meat Bait: Act 2 – Complete “Drop by Drop” quest. Sticky Bomb Mod: Act 2 – Complete “Drowned Hope” quest. Magic Wand Mod: Act 2 – Found in the middle of City Hall. Pride Shotgun Mod: Act 2 -Found in the armory of the Police Station. Ripper Mod: DLC code that comes with new copies of Dead Island. Weighted Mod: Shock Gun Mod: Strike Gun Mod:

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