Sunday, September 11, 2011

Comment of the Week: F–k Star Wars

This is a tough time for Star Wars, what with George’s continuing insistence upon altering the original films for new formats and all that. We all hate it, and yet so many of us will buy those new blu-rays and weep openly about it next week.

This week we learned definitively that Drew Karpyshyn isn’t the lead writer on Mass Effect 3 because a little thing called Star Wars: The Old Republic got in the way. In response to this news, reader Mozer said what many of us Mass Effect fans were all thinking in no uncertain terms:
F–k star wars, it’s an aging saga that needs to die. Mass Effect should be his first and only priority and not pushed aside like a secondary project.
We agree wholeheartedly. F–k Star Wars up the butthole. And I say that as someone who has read well over 100 Star Wars novels in my lifetime.

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