Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ramadan à travers le monde

Ramadan around the world

Students read the Koran before the morning prayer in a boarding school in Solo - Central Java Province, Indonesia

Woman breakfast in the distribution of the mosque of King Fahd on the first day of the month of Ramadan - California

Libyan prayed the evening prayer at the end of the first day in Benghazi

Muslims praying Taraweeh in Indonesia

A man entered the mosque for evening prayers on the first day of Ramadan in Moscow

Muslims read the Quran in Kashmir

Sunset from behind the Al-Hussein Mosque in Amman

Palestinian children celebrating the arrival of Ramadan

Palestinian man attached to the adornment of the holy month of Ramadan outside his home in the city of Jerusalem

A small mosque made of wafer biscuits in a shopping center. Size 8 × 8 m. The construction took 3 days and five employees and consists of 21,000 biscuits!

A man reads the Koran and Bhtmi of rain on the pavement in Lahore

Afghan man makes sweets in a shop in Kabul

A man sells corn in Istanbul

Muslims pray to God before breakfast in the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad - India

Somali girl reading the Holy Quran

Palestinian boy wearing a Barcelona shirt, reads the Koran in a mosque in Gaza, Al-Furqan

Father and son in Kashmir during the ablutions before noon prayers

Students read the Koran in a boarding school - Islamic believer in Solo - Central Java Province, Indonesia

Muslim boy taking part in prayers at the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, the new

Afghan children carrying empty vessels waiting for food distribution in the month of Ramadan

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